2nd International Workshop on Testing The Cloud

co-located with ICST 2014, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Moving to a Cloud First SDLC : Testing Imperatives from the IBM SmartCloud Notes Team's Experiences

Varad Rajulu, IBM Boston, MA

Software Development Organisations who are moving to Cloud and who have a legacy On-Premise SDLC have several challenges in making the transformation. In particular, where the Cloud business imperative is on velocity, rapid innovation and organisational productivity we see significant re-calibration needed across all organisational teams and roles. IBM Domino/Notes has a 20+ year footprint in on-premise deliveries and a very mature SDLC that delivers incremental releases on multiple hardware and software platforms at true enterprise scale. This presentation will share the challenges for Notes/Domino team in transforming to cloud and making the Multi-Tenancy release of SmartCloud Notes both a reality and a success. In particular, we will circle the SmartCloud Notes challenges for the "Test" teams in this transformation, how we overcame these, what challenges still remain, and the next wave of challenges we see ahead of us.